Social Skills for Kids: 4 Principles to Teach at Home for Confidence Outside

children kids parent parenting relationships social social skills social skills for kids Jan 16, 2024

In a world where anxiety is on the rise, particularly among younger generations, I understand the concerns parents have about their children's social skills. I want to offer four research-based principles to empower kids at home, making them feel more at ease outside of it.

 Understanding the Challenge

 I acknowledge the heightened levels of anxiety, especially after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's essential to equip parents with effective tools to address the challenges their kids face in social situations. Here are four research-based principles you can use in addressing these challenges. 

 Four Research-Based Principles

 Be Curious

 Encourage your kids to adopt a journalist's rule – be curious. Ask questions and be genuinely interested in others. By shifting the focus away from themselves and embracing curiosity, children can engage in meaningful conversations and build connections.

 All they really need to be is curious. The minute they ask questions to people, encourage them to try to figure out what others are thinking.

 Get in Sync

 The second principle emphasizes the importance of getting in sync with others. Humans are wired for synchrony, and paying attention to others fosters emotional connection. By putting away distractions and actively engaging with those around them, kids can enhance their social interactions.

 Turn off the distractions and put their attention on the other. They'll start to pick up more connection naturally.

 Be a Light, Not a Judge

 Positivity plays a crucial role in social interactions. Encourage your kids to be a light rather than a judge, emphasizing the impact of bringing positivity to conversations. Avoiding negativity helps create a welcoming environment for meaningful connections.

 Humans thrive on positivity. So, the more positivity they bring to the moment, to the situation, to whatever topic they're bringing up, the better they are.

 Show You Care with Sincere Service

 The final principle focuses on the power of sincere service. Highlight the significance of charitable acts in building connections. By serving others, kids can demonstrate care and create a positive atmosphere in social settings.

 One of the greatest ways to connect to another human is just charity. Encourage them to do a charitable act for the benefit of the other.

 The Charity Toolkit

To further support these principles, I provide practical tips in a charity toolkit. The toolkit includes ways to use words, time, attention, energy, and gifts to serve others charitably.

 - Encourage them to serve others by helping out at gatherings.

- Guide them to put people at ease by changing the subject if it becomes challenging.

- Remind them to retain confidences and avoid gossip or sharing stories without permission.

- Stress the importance of being loyal to the absent by refraining from speaking negatively about others.

 Always be loyal to the human that's not in the room. Discourage talking bad about someone else because the minute they do, they show everybody how not charitable they are.

 In conclusion, by instilling these principles and using the charity toolkit, you can play a pivotal role in nurturing your children's social skills, ensuring they feel confident and comfortable in various social settings.


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