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If you relate to any of these:

  • We need professional relationship help, but can't afford it.
  • We aren't able to communicate effectively.
  • I'm tired of having the same fights with my partner.
  • I get little to no fulfillment in the relationship these days.
  • I feel so alone in my relationship.
  • We have little to no chemistry anymore.
  • I feel like we're strangers. 
  • I feel like I've fallen out of love with my partner.
  • I have very little hope that things can improve.

I'd like to introduce you to


The ultimate affordable solution for couples looking to improve their communication, resolve conflict, & increase marital satisfaction. All from the comfort of your own home, and without breaking the bank.

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How does it work?

Weekly Coaching

Tune in to our weekly group coaching calls with me: ask questions, get personalized solutions, and observe as I coach couples in similar situations!

Ask a Coach

Submit questions anytime, and get a prompt, detailed answer from me and our certified coaches. You can search all past questions & answers by topic!

10-Day Makeover

Diagnose relationship issues and discover actionable solutions to solve them with a workbook, relationship assessments, and our value-packed videos. 

Private Community

Interact daily with our incredible private Facebook community. Share insights, success stories, and support each other on the journey to Becoming One.

Bonus Content

Enjoy a new piece of bonus content each month. Recordings from live events, in-depth workshops, deeper cut videos, and podcast episodes covering diverse topics.

Meet Your Coach

My name is Dr. Matt Townsend, and for the last 25 years, I’ve worked as a marriage educator & relationship coach. And in that time, I’ve helped thousands of couples learn to communicate effectively, and successfully resolve their toughest conflicts.

I can confidently say, I know what it takes to turn a broken & damaged relationship, into a thriving one that stands the test of time.

During our weekly group coaching sessions, I'm going to teach you real world, actionable skills & solutions that can be applied today, to start seeing improvements immediately.

What do our members say?

"Being able to meet regularly with Matt has saved our relationship. Night and day difference. Been applying what we learned for a few months now, and we're happier than it we've been in 10 years."

- Kim J.

"I came in to this feeling hopeless about things ever getting better... Now we know the formula to fix this mess, and we're IN LOVE again, and excited about the future. WOW!!"

- Jaimee B.

"This program is the most remarkable thing i've ever expierenced. Didn't know it was possible to get back to a happy relationship. You're a miracle worker!"

- Jason D.

"Took a while to get my husband to watch, but we've learned more in 10 days, about how to relate to each other, than we have in 50 years of marriage. Highly recommend to anyone in a relationship." 

- Cyndee J.


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